** DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK CATALOGUE ** To commemorate the exhibition we are releasing a downloadable catalogue ebook.

ALCHEMY! invited artists based in the UK and Egypt to interpret the concept of Alchemy through their work.

May 26-29 2022. Talks have been recorded and will be online soon.

Curator’s talk ‘Alchemy and Art History’ by Gillian McIver

Curator’s talk ‘Contemporary Egyptian Art’ by Hanya ElGhamry

Artist Talk ‘Artist, Alchemist’ by Hazel Florez

Alchemy! exhibition

The drive to transmute raw matter into something else is part of artistic practice; the process and transformation of material is an integral part of art-making. Whether it is about focusing on alchemical processes in the making, or representing the historic art of alchemy in a new way, the exhibition will explore ideas of transformation, perfection, material / non-material and the messy struggle to achieve one’s own Great Work.

Curated by Gillian McIver and assisted by Hanya El Ghamry

The Steamship Project Space

Address: 24 Naval Row, Blackwall, Polar; Blackwall DLR map