The Alchemy Exhibition is created by curator Gillian McIver assisted by Egyptian curator Hanya El Ghamry. We wanted to bring London and Egypt based artists together to examine the concept of Alchemy, which according to tradition, originated in Egypt but had a huge influence in Europe.

Gillian McIver and Hanya El Ghamry

Gillian McIver (L) is the curator of ‘Alchemy!’ and Hanya ElGhamry (R) is the assistant curator.
Art historian, film-maker and writer, Dr Gillian McIver has curated many projects in the UK and internationally, and is the author of Art History for FilmMakers (Bloomsbury Press) and the forthcoming ‘Between Realism and the Sublime’ as well as numerous critical articles and essays.
Hanya ElGhamry is an artist and curator who has worked extensively in Cairo, curating the ‘Forever is Now’ Giza Pyramids 2021 exhibition and many other projects as Senior Assitant Curator for Art d’Egypte. She is currently completing her MFA at Central St Martins.

design by Gabriela Zigova

The Steamship Project Space is an artist collective in an historic dockside inn located in East London’s Docklands.

‘The Steamship Project Space logo shines a light on the disappearing independent art spaces in London, now often fenced in by corporate neighbourhoods. Our corporate backdrop, Canary Wharf, is represented by the towers in the ship. Follow the compass to find our little alternative island between the neon high-rises and office towers!’

exhibition co-ordinator – Anna Chiarini